TedX &
GAMA Keynote

As early as 2017, our firm was predicting a major shift occurring in society requiring a new, more human centered, leadership approach: Lifter leaders are everyday evolved leaders who lift their co-workers, their customers  and community, thus lifting their company performance, on purpose.

People who lead others as whole humans, emphasizing service, compassion, purpose, listening and empathy are the new, high performing, evolved leaders (Up to 10.5X performance improvement - HBR).

The Pandemic, Crises and World events have accelerated this shift and have magnified the stress, overwhelm, talent disengagement & resignations impacting every business and requiring new skills that we have been training for decades.
2017 TedXYouth Hong Kong
Lifter Leadership shared on the Main Platform as Keynote Speaker at GAMA/LAMP the World's largest leadership association for over 2000 Financial Services Executives