Lifter Leadership equips front-line talent, at the tips of your organization, with easily learnable skills that uplift their ability to listen to and serve customers, problem-solve in real-time and stay motivated throughout their day.  

Lifter Mindshifts and Frontline Talent

Serve Up!​ Foundational to step powerfully into the new Era of Compassion, Cooperation and Creativity. 

Listen Up!​ Four distinct types of listening that uplevel communication with proven Mindfulness techniques for focus and clarity.

Show Up!​ Innovate through the “Yes Ands” within yourself and your team and learn to respond rather than react to tensions. 

Act Up!​ Launch an action plan as a cohesive team that is ​On Purpose​, informed and on course to crystal clear goals. 


Front-line Inspiration

into Action

  • Lifter Leadership​ for Career Progression and Success

  • High Performance Mindfulness
  • Activating Diversity-The Catapult Approach


Training & Workshops

Facilitation at Scale:
  • High-energy, interactive participatory, actionable
  • Culture and community building
  • Master facilitation of large-scale company events (virtual or live)

Lifter Leadership


 Online training:
  • Designed for engagement & completion
  • Self-paced​
  • Direct applicability to front-line challenges