Lifters spark innovation and reimagine culture. Leveraging the Lifter methodology generates inspired products, services, spaces and customer solutions in real time.

Lifter Mindshifts and Responsive Innovation

Serve Up!​  Obstacles and contraints are recast as stimuli for Ideation.  Fears and limiting beliefs are entry points for creativity.

Listen Up! Four distinct types of listening up-level innovation in line with objectives. Proven Mindfulness techniques increase focus and clarity.

Show Up!​ Innovate through the “Yes Ands” within yourself and your team and learn to respond rather than react to tensions. 

Act Up!​ Launch an action plan that is ​On Purpose​, informed and on course to crystal clear goals with velocity. 

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  • Come Together Across Divides
  • Innovating at the Intersections
  • Using Non-Obvious trends to spark product, service, experience innovation

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Activated Diversity and Innovation


Guest: Petr Kucharyavvy of Charter Communications,

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