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Real Time Innovation

Lifters spark innovation and reimagine culture. Leveraging the Lifter methodology generates inspired products, services, spaces and customer solutions in real time.


Lifter Mindshifts and Responsive Innovation

Serve Up!​  Obstacles and contraints are recast as stimuli for Ideation.  Fears and limiting beliefs are entry points for creativity.

Listen Up! Four distinct types of listening up-level innovation in line with objectives. Proven Mindfulness techniques increase focus and clarity.

Show Up!​ Innovate through the “Yes Ands” within yourself and your team and learn to respond rather than react to tensions. 

Act Up!​ Launch an action plan that is ​On Purpose​, informed and on course to crystal clear goals with velocity. 

Download Lifter Methodology Data Sheet

Review the 4 Mindshifts

Innovation Across 


Our Innovation Workshops
  • Come Together Across Divides
  • Innovating at the Intersections
  • Using Non-Obvious trends to spark product, service, experience innovation

Lifters Rising


Activated Diversity and Innovation


Guest: Petr Kucharyavvy of Charter Communications,

Center for Accessibility Excellence

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