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Real Time Innovation

We help your organization become Non-Obvious thinkers, essential to being innovators. 


Lifter leaders are in every organization.  They spark innovation, solve problems and reimagine culture. Through our training on Non-Obvious thinking (based on the best-selling book series Non-Obvious Trends by business partner, Rohit Bhargava), client teams can generate inspired products, services, processes, spaces and customer solutions in real time.





Non-Obvious thinking helps your company sell more, retain your best talent and attract more attention in the market.  It helps you learn cutting-edge innovation skills and predict the future before your competition.  Our approach will help you and your team  innovate successful products, services and processes faster, so you can win the future.











Through an energetic and applied Non-Obvious thinking MasterClass, our team will equip your organization with the skills, habits and organizational practices of being Non-Obvious thinkers and innovators.

Your team will:

1.  Learn to see the future before your competition

2.  Apply the Haystack Method™️ to your industry and opportunities

3.  Build the 5 habits of Non-Obvious thinkers

4.  Take your real-world problems and apply our insights to solve them

5.  Infuse your culture with the lasting capability of Non-Obvious thinking 

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