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Talent Engagement

Lifters are your most motivated and motivating workers. Activating diversity across all demographic segments, the Lifter methodology drives talent productivity, workplace well-being and customer centricity.


Lifter Mindshifts and Employee Engagement

Serve Up!​ With Service, Abundance and Giving as a foundation, Lifters are empowered to become permissioned ambassadors for your organization

Listen Up! Four distinct types of listening enhance customer understanding, sense of belonging and group mind.     

Show Up!​ Bringing the whole self to work creates an atmosphere where diversity within and around each team member is engaged to propel 

Act Up!​ Launch an action plan that aligns to team purpose​ and is on course to crystal clear goals, achieved with velocity. 

Download Lifter Methodology Data Sheet

Review the 4 Mindshifts

 Engagement to Drive Performance 

Our Engagement Workshops
  • Come Together - A Team Intensive
  • HIgh Fidelity Bonding
  • Loving Your Job, Like it or Not!

Lifters Rising


Lifting through Engagement with Corporate Structures

Guest: Megan Rast, Corporate Intrapreneur for

Sustainability and Inclusion

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