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Lifters are your most intuitive employees and committed customers. They naturally become permissioned ambassadors for your organization, irrespective of their position, level or lived experience. 


Lifter Mindshifts and Customer Loyalty

Serve Up!​ Foundational to step powerfully into the serving, attracting and lifting customers with compassion, creativity and cooperation

Listen Up!​ Four distinct types of listening that get you into the minds and hearts of customers, anticipate their needs, and connect with trust

Show Up!​ Activating diversity through the tension of "Yes Ands" creates innovation in real-time and on the front-lines

Act Up!​ Align your purpose, definition of victory and action steps with client needs and aspirations to deliver powerful life time value (LTV)

Review the 4 Mindshifts

Building trust and loyalty

Our Loyalty Workshops
  • Customer Mindmeld Intensive
  • Our place in the Marketspace
  • Innovating in partnership with customers

Download Lifter Methodology Data Sheet

Lifters Rising


Radical Giving Drives Loyalty
Guest: Matt Wagner of

Client Focus

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