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Like 80% of all people today, leaders, too, are stressed, and 30-35% are experiencing overwhelm.  Stepping back from constant urgencies is essential to set strategy, evaluate priorities, align your team and progress towards goals with accountable action.  In order to successfully meet goals, today's talent does not respond to traditional ways of leading and requires fresh, new approaches for engagement, motivation and retention.


Lifter Leadership works with executives to help set strategy, via expert-led workshops or deeper analytic-driven projects to help clients make informed choices in a timely manner. We also teams in leadership practices that engage, motivate and retain today's stressed talent.

Centered on whole-human talent management, we equip leaders with the new essential skills for success: inspiring with purpose, compassion and empathy, deep listening, mindfulness for focus, and real-time innovation.  By applying these learnable skills, clients achieve unprecedented levels of performance towards goals 
and reduce their own stress to flourish.

The Executive


Leadership Coaching:
  • Heightening Self-Awareness 
  • Setting clear priorities & goals
  • Developing strategy
  • Skilling up in essential areas
  • Freeing up time for priorities
  • Creating a work-life balance

The Executive

Among Peers

Facilitated Workshops/Offsites for Boards and Leaders:
  • Setting cohesive strategy
  • Top priorities by stakeholder
  • Taking projects OFF the table
  • Ensuring leadership alignment
  • Action-planning
  • Accountability & Tracking
  • Bonding and fun
  • Reporting back to teams

The Executive 

As a Leader

Team Building Workshops:
  • High-fidelity team bonding
  • Address stress/overwhelm
  • Heal from layoffs, societal factors and disruptions
  • Deep leader listening
  • Setting tea priorities
  • Taking things off the table
  • Eliminating meetings, emails and time sinks
  • Customer Mindmelding
  • Innovation Immersion
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