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Teams today are quite different in their motivation, communication, task orientation and career philosophy.  Stress and overwhelm levels are at all-time highs.  Lifter Leadership simultaneously brings rigorous business and analytical approaches to help set priorities and relatable human approaches to align your teams and motivate engagement, action and accountability while fostering much needed well-being.

We help our clients reverse this cycle:


Within Your Own Team

or Between Departments that Work Together

Team workshops can include:
  • Aligning teams against highest priorities
  • Dealing with stress and overwhelm
  • Bonding & building group mind
  • Communicating and working across generations
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Career self-agency and mentoring
  • Listening as a superpower
  • Storytelling for inspiration & influence
  • ​Customer listening for sales, loyalty and service
  • Non-Obvious thinking & Innovation
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