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Listen Up! Tune In!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

By Eliza Shah

Listening to our own embodied knowing, to insights of others and to insights that come from silence leads to a nuanced capacity for tuning tensions.    The hunter’s bow becomes a stringed instrument-- a tension strung instrument that can sound with perfect resonance and truly ring a bell for others.  Lifters learn to ListenUp! and tune in so skillfully that they become High Fidelity resonators of core company values and when they convey these values to others, the others too become high fidelity resonators.  In this way, Lifters multiply, amplify and extend the message of the purpose of their work, their company’s value, elevating internal motivation and attracting loyal customers.

This capacity for tuning can be practiced interpersonally and organizationally wherever tensions arise.  What’s more, in Show up! and Act Up!, we explore ways that the tension strung instrument can be used as a catapult to lift understanding, performance and collective action to heights beyond recognition. 



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